The Lafaurie family

In the Lafaurie


Pierre, the founder of the brand, grew up in the Parisian neighborhood Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where he had a carefree, bourgeois childhood.


In an apartment under the roof, he was raised by his mother, his aunt and his grandmother. Surrounded by a duck and a dog, his daily life is filled with fabrics and pots of glue as the house also serves as a lampshade workshop.


Pierre sometimes comes across notable customers, such as the poet Jacques Prévert. From this period, he will keep a particular attachment for fabrics and beautiful work.


After beginning his career as a salesman for a textile brand, Pierre quickly understands that his freedom is essential and that it comes through the desire to free himself from fashion trends.


In 1991, he created a line of basics for men, both classic and colorful.

Inspired by the style of the artists and intellectuals of the Rive Gauche, he started with two made in France products : a poplin shirt and a painter's jacket in cotton canvas. These two products will become the iconic styles of the brand.


Pierre likes to play with codes: his clothes don't carry a logo, they are accessible and very well crafted. He baptizes his brand EMILE LAFAURIE.


A creative studio soon becomes necessary: Pierre naturally opens it in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, behind Place Saint Sulpice. As for his first store, he crossed the Seine to rent it in Le Marais, near la Place des Vosges, where it is still open


Gradually, he expanded and diversified his offer, while opening other stores in Paris and elsewhere in France - in Bordeaux, Aix, Rennes, Montpellier or Marseille.


In 2018, Pierre passed away suddenly. His son Theo returns hastily from Montreal where he had opened an art gallery.


He decides to continue the family adventure. From his childhood, he recalls his love of fabrics with shimmering names, his father's ballads, the creation of color ranges in the Jardin du Luxembourg, the sessions in Drouot with a mother in charge of an auction house...


The challenge is ambitious: to maintain a precious heritage while modernizing it. The visions of father and son merge. The transgenerational side of the brand has never been so obvious: EMILE LAFAURIE becomes LAFAURIE.


Faithful to its values and forward-looking, the brand is reinventing itself by remaining a human-sized family business.


Its product offering continues to grow, with new pieces such as, shoes and accessories. The brand is also modernizing, conscious of its social responsibility. It is constantly questioning the way it produces and supports its customers in order to honor its commitments.


Far from standardized shops, all the boutiques are rethought down to the last detail to reaffirm their uniqueness. The architecture, the interior design, the choice of materials tell a new story each time, driven by a common desire: for the customer to feel "at home"


A new page of the brand is being written with the arrival of Pablo, eager to join his brother in this family adventure.


LAFAURIE is thus the story of a vibrant, joyful and free brand that is being built and developed thanks to all its collaborators and customers.


More than a brand, it is above all a family that is growing every day, a family that is grateful to everyone who contributes in this wonderful adventure.


Finally, it is the tribute of two sons to their father, who, by leaving too early, reminds us daily of the need to focus on what really matters.


In the LAFAURIE family, casual elegance and independence are cultivated - from father to son.