Singular colors

Since 1991, we have been making it every year in many different materials and colors.

What makes it unique? It is dyed in a piece according to a vegetable process that we have specially developed.

For each new color, we develop an exclusive dyeing bath and numerous samples to obtain the shade as we imagined it.

We love strong, greyed, and slightly patinated colors.

A meeting in 1991

For the anecdote, it was imagined during an unexpected meeting between Pierre Lafaurie, the brand's founder, and a painter in our very first boutique in the rue de Birague, near the Place des Vosges in Paris.

When he entered the store, he wore an authentic and atypical three-pocket jacket completely stained with paint.

Pierre loved it and immediately imagined what the painter's jacket has become: an elegant, colorful, and timeless jacket, which has become our signature over the years.